Core Values

  1. Managing a professional and honourable organisation (Titus 3:8)
  • As a Christian business, we value God’s standards and principles
  • We manage God’s resources responsibly
  • We run our organisation in the will of God
  1. Exalting the Word of God (Matthew 22:16)
  • Everything we do, we do to the Glory of the Lord
  • We serve with humility and respect to others
  • We value honesty and integrity; we are who we say we are
  1. Presenting an organisation committed to the people (Colossians 3:22-24)
  • We treat others the same way as we would like them to treat us
  • We building lifelong and respectful relationships through teamwork and servanthood
  • We foster trustworthy and inspiring relationships between employers and employees
  1. Providing a curriculum that is Biblical and Christocentric
  • We run a contextual education and training program which must bring joy and happiness to our children
  • We provide a program that is applicable in the daily lives of our children, encompassing life skills, social skills, and motor skills development
  • We promote a program which will encourage an ongoing commitment to academic development and living an active and healthy lifestyle
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