Message to our Parents

God deeply loves and values your child. Jesus demonstrated this appreciation of children in that He even rebuked his own disciples for blocking their access to Him (Mark 10:13). It is our responsibility as parents to bring our children to the Lord. Paul clearly told all the fathers in Ephesus that they must bring up their children in the training and the instructions of the Lord.

Don’t be discouraged though, deep down your child knows that God is eager to welcome and embrace him/her. The definition of a child’s spirituality is simple:

  • It is God’s relationship with the child
  • And it is the child’s relationship with God

Our program was inspired by a parent who battled to understand how his three-year-old could have a close relationship with his Creator. God opened his heart and he found a passion to go and help parents disciple their children.

With our busy life style, parents struggle to find time or material that is appropriate for the training of their children in the ways of the Lord. We provide this solid, Bible based curriculum and present it to the child. It is presented by a trained professional, on a level of practicality that each child can easily understand.

The parents are left only with the fun part of parenting, loving the child and showing an interest in what the child has learned in his/her discipleship class. The parent can show interest and get involved by going over the short discipleship targets that we send home after each week’s lesson.

As a parent, you have probably realised that for effective raising and teaching of our children, three interwoven components are needed:

Knowledge + Character + Conduct

Each lesson’s discipleship target is focussed on these three elements of growth. The

anatomy of a disciple goes then as follows:

  • They develop a reservoir of KNOWLEDGE based on a biblical world view.
  • They display Christ like CHARACTER in every area of life.
  • They demonstrate faithful CONDUCT that honours God and helps people.

“Jesus grew in both wisdom and stature, gaining both favour with God and other people” (Luke 2:52).

Like the wise man who builds a house on a solid rock (Matthew. 7:24-27), put your family on a solid foundation today. Building brick by brick and practicing principles of faith. God will gladly build and assist you as a parent.

Promote your child’s access to the Lord as you make use of this opportunity to plunge him/her into the spiritual growth program we provide. Our program is developed with age in mind as we know that your child’s needs mature as he/she grows:

  • A three year old needs a foundation and direction
  • A four year old needs correction and a challenge
  • A five year old needs respect and balance
  • A six year old needs salvation and good friends/mentors

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