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Today’s kids need God’s Word

Whether you are building a new home or raising a young child, laying a solid foundation is essential. If you establish a firm base, you can be reasonably confident that the future will remain on stable footings. A faulty foundation, however, foretells that headaches are on the horizon.

Trust the Tools
Three tools are essential to lay a good foundation for a new home: a plumb line, a square, and a level. Here’s why these instruments are so important to builders of homes—and how they illustrate Biblical concepts that “build” young children.

A plumb line is a simple piece of string with a weight attached to one end. Tie the string to a fixed object and when the weight comes to rest, it points directly to the earth’s center of gravity. Regardless of the terrain, the plumb line establishes true vertical orientation. A plumb line assures that your walls are plumb—straight up and down.

The prophet Amos used a plumb line as an object lesson to reveal the Word of the Lord to Israel. It illustrated that God’s people had moved from the model of justice He had given them (Amos 7:7-8; Isaiah 28:17). A plumb line reminds parents and children that they need to know what God expects of them. As they grow, kids must develop a reservoir of knowledge based on a
Biblical worldview.

A square is a tool used to obtain right angles. A framing square quickly enables the builder to measure precise angles so he won’t cut corners or “miss the mark.” Use a square to make sure that your footers and walls meet at exactly ninety degrees—so they are “square.”

Christ’s righteousness is the standard that God uses to examine a person’s character. The Lord even measures the motives of every heart (1 Corinthians 4:4-5)! A square prompts believers to remember that God’s righteous standard discloses both their integrity and their inconsistencies. Growing kids can learn to display Christ-like character in … Get This Free Download Now

Children go through specific developmental stages in their growth and learning. These stages are the building blocks for future learning, understanding and maturity. Children who are taught developmentally appropriate curriculum and experience Christian values and Biblical principles are more likely to develop into socially, emotionally and spiritually mature men and women.

Children need to know that nothing will ever make any sense until they realize that life is not about them. It’s all about God. Discover God Preschool is a 4-year curriculum for children ages 3-5. Kids discover who God is, what He is like, and what He can do. Kids learn that God created everything and everything for His glory. Children get to know and love the God who created them.

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