Games’ Day is a fun and exciting day which can reach out to children in any community, with our aim of the day being: “winning the lost children for Christ”. Churches who would like to invite more children to their children’s ministry should consider having a Games’ Day. We will help any church with the arrangements of such a day and we will bring all the equipment and expertise needed to run a successful program. On the day, we brief your team, so that together we can make it a truly unforgettable experience for the children attending. Alternatively, some churches opt to hold one to just be a day of fun and games to treat the children and your staff already attending and working in their Sunday services.

“Shawn has the ability to play the games children love to play and manage to keep them in play through variety and alternation. The equipment of Grow for Glory is child-friendly, professional and safe. I can recommend Shawn as a great asset to the world and minds of children!”Dr. Chris Harris, NG Hulp & Hoop Gemeenskapskerk, Mokopane.

Evangelism within Schools
As a successor to the Pre-School Bible Clubs, the Kruger Park primary school extra curriculum co-ordinator asked us to consider if we would like to develop a program similar to the existing grade R program for the seniors of the school and facilitate it on a bi-weekly basis. We gratefully accepted the challenge and in a short time we have seen spiritual fruit in the lives of the children attending these meetings.

Pre-School Bible Clubs
We have a passion and a heart to reach out to young children across the globe. Our age appropriate programs are designed to teach our pre-schoolers the value of God’s Word and how it applies to their young lives. During the Bible Club meetings, the children have a blast singing and learning motions to worship songs, hearing captivating Bible stories and lessons all tailored to make a lasting impression of God’s truth upon their hearts.

We are the official Children’s ministry team for the Mighty Men Conference in the bush

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