Children’s ministry

Children’s ministry is the major focus of our future short-term mission trips. There is a great need to help the Indian churches to train their children’s ministry staff. Grow for Glory believes that children are the greatest audience to minister to. Statistics show that 85% of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18. The ground is prepared, the seed needs to be sown and the world has to get ready for the biggest harvest that the world of evangelism has ever seen.

Sport’s ministry

We have found that sport is a safe and quick way to connect with unreached people groups around the world. Sport has proven to be one of the most effective relationship-building tools in the growth of the Gospel.  We use sport that is played and admired by the local communities and also introduce new games that make the program more effective and engaging.

Literacy programs

Grow for Glory believes that education is a child’s gateway to freedom and a secure future. Therefore, we support ministry partners in India who run sustainable literacy programs and day care centres. Most parents are uneducated and cannot help their children with their homework, hence there is great need for such centres. This is also a sheltered environment in which to introduce the Gospel to children from a persecuting world.

Feeding and Nutrition Programs

The meals received at the ICF day care centres are often the only regular and nutritious meals the children receive. These meals are an investment in the child’s future along with their basic education. Without them, hunger and malnutrition can cause irreversible damage to their growing bodies.

Women’s Ministry

“God’s word is sweet word” one lady testified. In the northern Himalayas, Archana, wife of a local pastor explained how she used colourful ribbons in her story telling. Before she could read, she was already blessed with this talent. She is now one of the inspirations among women to educate themselves and also become ‘soul-winners’. We know that if you reach a husband, you reach a family, if you reach a mother, you reach the child.

Outreach programs

Although we invest time in training and encouraging leaders across India through various workshops. Our main focus is reaching families and the young. We also provide guest speakers at evangelical conventions and provide training for smaller ministries such as cell groups, worship and administration.

Community developing projects

Our focus in these projects is more on skills development through training and supporting people and organisations who would like to sustain themselves and be more financially independent. This is either done through micro farming or skills development from various showing centres operating across India. Women who go through these training programs are able to provide food and clothing for their children, becoming more independent from their sometimes abusive husbands.

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