Our Mascot


Enoch the Hedgehog (Isaiah 14:24)

According to the Word of God, Enoch was “Walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him” (Genesis 5:24, NLT)

Running the race with our children is not enough – we have to be their pace setters and walk in close fellowship as we cultivate lifelong disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.

An athlete with the anticipation and determination to run a race at a world record pace is in need of a pace setter. A pace setter is a specially prepared and trained athlete who runs ahead, setting up and maintaining a pace that is not too fast and not to slow, just the right speed to keep up with the record pace, so that the athlete does not tire out. The pace setter steps aside at a specific time or after a pre-determined distance, leaving the record breaker to complete the task and finish the race against the clock- Tim Tucker.

As a discipleship ministry, this is our goal to get children and his family on a steady pace and as we step aside overtime, they have enough momentum to complete the race for the Glory of God. Enoch practiced and demonstrated a steady pace as he walked in close fellowship with God, and God took him to heaven (Gen. 5:24). This is mimicked in our mascot, Enoch the hedgehog.

Did you know?

A hedgehog sometimes performs a ritual known as “anointing”. This one of the most curious and unique of all hedgehog behaviours.

The practice of self-anointing.

Hedgehogs can self-anoint at a very early age, even before their eyes are fully open (http://hedgehogheadquarters.com/secure/behavior.htm).

  • The first sign that a hedgehog is going to self-anoint is they will show a fascination with a particular odour or taste.
  • They will lick or chew the object of interest and create foamy saliva that they then deposit on various parts of their body. You may see a hedgehog twist and contort in a variety of funny positions as they spread this foamy saliva on their body.
  • Hedgehogs that anoint frequently or that anoint with a particularly colourful or smelly substance may need a bath.

The reasons hedgehogs self-anoint are still unknown, but it is usually related to an attraction to a new or pleasant smell.

  • Some believe that anointing is as a form of scent camouflage, designed to cover up their own sent with the new scent in the environment.
  • Others believe the hedgehogs like the scent so well that they want it on their body- similar to our “perfume.”
  • Hedgehogs are resistant to many toxins and one theory is that hedgehogs spread toxins on their quills as added protection.
  • Male hedgehogs are believed to anoint more frequently than females (hedgehoghollow.com).
  • Some texts refer to self anointing as “anting” (Smith).

We believe it is time that our children experience the anointing of God on their lives as they clothe themselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and lay down the desires of the flesh (Rom. 13:14). We have the anointing of God flowing through us when God’s heart touches another person’s heart through you. The anointing of God is the Holy Spirit, rivers of love, from the throne of grace, through the hearts of believers. We want our children to grow into lifelong disciples who display an overflow of God’s love to others- kids that know, love and serve God.

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